Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sew-a-long Preview

Today, I have a preview for you of the sew-a-long I'll be doing in March.  I hope you will join me!

It was a windy day today.  The dress hangs much better than it looks here. 

And a slightly blurry action shot.

And she's done!


  1. I think I will join you for the sew along. I have that Ottobre, too, so I can get the pattern for it. I will probably put a belt on it, though. DD seems to like belts these days. It will be awhile before she is able to wear it without a long sleeved shirts and tights underneath, though. It will be a lot colder than 81 here this weekend!

    Did you see the photography tips on my site? They do need the pictures updated, but it will help you out a little bit in figuring out how to shoot in manual. Mostly...just practice. That is the best way to learn. :)

  2. I have Stacy--your tips are great and have helped me tremendously! I'm struggling with focus, which I know comes with practice, so I'll keep at it.

    Please do join the sew-along--it will be fun, and the dress is so cute!