Monday, February 7, 2011

Look what I found!

And I'm pretty sure it isn't Joann's gingham.  This is the perfect example of why I need to sew some of what I have because I had forgotten all about this gingham when I was making the "happy daisy" shirt, and I really like the gingham version. 

I'm not sure which one, but one of these will be made into a dress based off of the same Ottobre pattern I made the shirt from.  Like this, kind of.  Please ignore my less-than-stellar drawing skills, and the fact that she doesn't have any hands--LOL!  I decided a handless drawing would be better than a drawing with clubs for hands and fingers.

I'm considering hosting a sew-a-long in March for the dress/shirt.  I think it will be fun to show a very detailed step-by-step as I make the dress, and I'm hoping that some of you will sew along with me.  Don't be intimidated by the pattern!  If you do it one step at a time, it isn't any harder than any of its steps, and none of them are that hard. . . I promise!

So, if you think you may want to have a virtual sewing play-date with me, you will need to get your hands on an Ottobre Design magazine (Issue 1/2010).  You can order it directly from the Ottobre website , or from the Wooly Thread, or from Sewzanne's

You will also need some fabric.  It can be gingham, or really anything else that floats your boat! 

I'll post some more details closer to time, but I know it will be fun!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment.
    I get Ottobre for kids, but the lack of directions is a bit intimidating to me. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that pattern!.

  2. Well, then, you should definitely join in on the sewalong! It will be like having extra-detailed step-by-step directions, so no intimidation factor.

  3. I just made that shirt yesterday, and was thinking what a cute dress it would be. I'll try to sew along. Hopefully I'll have the time.

  4. I'd love to join in the sewalong too but I'll probably do it as a shirt only. The green gingham version you did is adorable!

  5. Sure, Cindy! There's really no difference in the construction between the two, so that should work out perfectly.