Monday, September 5, 2011

Faux Wrap Top

After the Sarita Jeans, I needed a project that would be fast and easy, so I cut out a few long-sleeve t-shirts this afternoon.  Allie has a RTW t-shirt that has the cross-front that she really likes, and I had only a little bit of this Yoshi rib knit left, so I thought this might be the perfect project for that.  I had the red and pink interlock and the brown ribbing in my stash.

I used the same long sleeve t-shirt pattern that I used here and here.  I traced two fronts and drew a curved line from 2 inches from the top of the side seam blending in with the natural shoulder seam on the other side (going the opposite way on the other front).  

Instead of binding the neckline, I did the ribbing the same way it is done on a traditional t-shirt neckline.  I  even tried something new, using the chain stitch on my coverstitch machine  to stitch down the seam allowances where I applied the binding.  I like it and will definitely use it again!

Back to work tomorrow!


  1. What kind of binder do you have? You made a comment about it when you made the purple long-sleeved shirt. I would love to know before I buy one!

  2. I have the Brother SA225CV Double Fold Binder foot for 2340CV. :)