Monday, September 5, 2011

Sarita Jeans

These are from Ottobre 1/09, the Sarita Jean.  They are a slim fit pant, and since Allie is just barely in a 128, I thought they might be just right for her.  I chose a brown bottom weight from Joann's, which in hindsight, gives them a slightly UPS uniform or 70's bell bottom feel, but I like them anyway! 

The fit on her is almost perfect.  They are still slightly big in the waist, but I think a belt will remedy that.  And, my long-legged girl could also use just a little bit of extra length to give her some room to grow.

I did all the top-stitching on these with two strands of regular thread rather than top-stitching thread.

I embroidered the back pockets with a free embroidery from the Janome website.

I will definitely be making these again. . .after I take a break to sew something uncomplicated!  I think I'll try to alter the line of the legs to make them straight-legged and skinny as well.

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  1. Very nice!! They don't look UPS-y to me at all! Quite stylish. Looks like they have a pretty deep hem that you could let down a little. I just made the Farmer Overalls from Summer 2008 and decided to do something a little less complicated next!