Friday, September 16, 2011

San Francisco

I spent most of the week in San Francisco at a conference.  The days were full, but we (my coworkers and I) did get to see a few of the iconic landmarks.

Ghirardelli Square, which by the way smells heavenly!

Unfortunately, was too full from dinner in Chinatown to sample any of the chocolate, but dinner was absolutely delicious!

We went to see the Golden Gate Bridge, but the fog was too thick to really see too much of it, but we did ride the cable car back to the hotel.

Up and down the hills!

We stayed in a hotel in/near Union Square, which a quick search told me was the location of Britex fabrics, so on Wednesday after the conference ended, I decided to walk over for some fabric shopping.  On the way, I saw this window display. . .cool, huh?!

And, there it was.

I spent a couple of hours just looking around.  It was so much fun!  I ended up buying only a few things.  A Burda Plus magazine; some green striped fabric, which will be part of Jenna's Halloween costume; some brown webbing and belt buckles for the girls; and 2 super-cute bird zipper pulls, which I simply couldn't resist!

I had a great time, but I was glad to be home! 

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