Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Honest-to-Goodness, Yes You have to do a Real Fly, Pants Sewing Challenge!

Do you always do elastic waists, but your kids are getting too old for that look?  Have you resorted to a flat-front, faux-fly so you don't have to do a real one?  Are you worried that your zipper fly won't come out right or that your top-stitching skills aren't up to the challenge of real pants or jeans?  Do you avoid them just because you prefer a quick and easy project?

Yes?  Well, I have a challenge for you!  We will call it the "Honest-to-Goodness, Yes You have to do a Real Fly, Pants Sewing Challenge" and it is just in time for cooler weather.  Will you join me?

I have two different washes of denim and this year's favorite Otto 1/09 pants pattern sitting on the cutting table just waiting to turn into beautiful blue jeans for Allie.  I bought two colors of thread for top-stitching and a couple of real metal jeans zippers, which I've never used.  I may even try some of the distressing techniques that I never got to when I made Allie's jean skirt. 

If you don't want to do jeans, any bottom-weight will work, including navy or khaki twill if your kiddos have to wear uniforms to school ;).  Get yourself a good pattern.  Kwik Sew is great for their instructions, and we all know I love Ottobre.  Get your pattern traced and dive right in!

I'll post some pointers as I make mine, but don't feel like you have to wait on me.  When you are done, show them off. . .post your picture in the Flickr group I'll create one day this week and post a link to.  At the end of October, I'll draw a random winner from all of the pictures posted in the picture pool, and yes, there will be a prize!

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