Saturday, September 24, 2011

Honest-to-Goodness Pants. . .Part 1

My favorite part of pants making, other than the ta-da moment when you finish and get to be so proud of yourself, is the details.  On jeans, one of those details is the back pocket design. 

Recently, someone approached me with a brilliant idea that was quite the eye-opener for me!  Bobolots, her sewingmama user name, wanted someone to digitize a pocket design for her, and since I want practice digitizing, I volunteered to try it out for her.  Her idea was AMAZING!

As it turns out, she had drawn a pocket design, including cutting and seam allowance lines.  I decided to steal her idea for Allie's pants pockets.  Perfect pockets!

Last night I browsed online and found a back pocket design that I thought would be perfect for Allie.  So, I copied it.  (Are you sensing a theme here? . . .LOL!)  You may recognize it.

See the light blue lines?  The outer line is the cutting line, and the inner line is the fold line.  After folding and pressing the seam allowances to the back, this is what the pocket will look like.  Love it!

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