Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparing for Fall

It is sweltering outside, so the only logical thing to do is to sew long sleeves, right?  Seriously, though, it seems like I'm always caught off guard when it does start to get cool, and Allie's sleeves don't reach her wrists.   This year, she will have at least 1 shirt!

This is the "Dots" T-shirt from the Ottobre Winter 2009 issue.  It starts at a size 128, and I made the smallest size, using knits from Hobby Lobby.  The pattern calls for doing a rolled hem on the gathered panel, but I knew that would be a nightmare on this super-thin knit, so I left the edges unfinished. 

The sleeves on this pattern are extra-long and narrow and are meant to be bunched up at the bottom.  Oh, and take a look at how well I matched those stripes!

The only change I made to the pattern was to add extra length. . .8 stripes worth to be exact.  The bottom is finished with binding , but next time, I may do a regular hem, so the bottom will hang rather than hug.  This is a cute pattern with enough details to take it a step past a plain t-shirt. 


  1. The shirt looks really nice! I've been putting off fall sewing until after our trip in September. Can't wait to see what else you make.:)

  2. I feel exactly the same about cooler temps. It's HOT, and then all of a sudden it's cold and my kids have nothing to wear! I already made a couple pairs of long pants for my little guy and have two pairs of overalls cut out too. Both kiddos will need clothes this fall -- there's no way last years are going to fit!

    Beautiful shirt! I love the extra-long sleeve look.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I just got finished tracing a pullover "sweatshirt" from Ottobre 4/07, and I bought a couple of bottom weights for pants for both girls today. I'm trying to get ready!