Saturday, June 25, 2011

I can't wait to show these!

I had hoped to get some better pictures of these skirts before showing them, but I'm just going to show them, bad pictures and all.  I love them!

They are double-layered laguna's (by Farbenmix).  I let the girls pick out their fabric. . .well, I let Allie pick hers out, and Jenna picked the floral print and had some gentle nudging on the polka dots. 

I should take a picture of one laid out flat, so you can see the how the different fabrics look like two spirals circling each other.  They are full circle skirts, so they are super-twirly.  Kid tested. . .

See, Jenna's bandaids.  She informed me that she was bleeding on both legs.  This was a made-up story though, so she could justify putting on new bandaids.  I used packaged bias tape to hem the layers, which I think helped them stand out, but it took a lot!  I ended up using 4 packages of bias tape on Allie's skirt. . .that's almost 12 yards!

I have had my eye on this pattern for a really long time.  The redondo just isn't my style, but this one is about as cute as it gets in my opinion.  I highly recommend it!

I thought it would be a complicated skirt to put together, but I found them to be less difficult than I had anticipated.  I will admit that i had to take a little while to think through the construction before I started though. . .I also used the picture tutorial put out by farbenmix and one at sewing mama's to help.  Once I understood the concept, I had no trouble, and they went together surprisingly quickly. 

And a couple more gratuitous pictures because they are cute. . .the girls AND the skirts :)

Jenna is demonstrating the layers for your viewing pleasure.


  1. "And a couple more gratuitous pictures because they are cute. . .the girls AND the skirts :)"

    Agreed! I really like the fabric combos. The skirts turned out great.

  2. I love those skirts! I am going to try to find the pattern.

  3. These skirts are great. Is there a tutorial?

  4. I love those skirts....!!!!! You mixed the fabrics so well. I also enjoy seeing other dresses you have sewn for your girls in your blog.

  5. LOVE THESE! I have this pattern and tried it one night extremely late and only made the single layer. I wasn't too happy with it and never picked up the pattern again! I def. need to after seeing how cute yours are.

  6. I LOVE these! I found tutorials online to help with making these skirts, but they do not include the pattern. Do you know where I can purchase the pattern? Thanks!

  7. Hi, Sweetester, you can find tutorials online to help with the pattern as it can be an intimidating one at first glance :), but you have to buy the actual pattern.

    Thanks, Sertyan and Amy, you should definitely try again!

    Christy, I bought the pattern from another mama, but I think you should be able to find it at any online store that sells Farbenmix or Studio Tantrum patterns.

  8. hi sandra,

    i cannot find these online. Is there a store or two you have seen it in or recommend?


  9. Okay, I did some searches. . .Bunte fabrics usually carries the laguna, but they are out of stock right now. Okay, everyone, hurry--I found it. Fairy Tale Frocks and Lollipops has 2 in stock.

  10. I can't find this pattern anywhere. What is the exact name of the pattern. My daughter would love one of these skirts. Thanks

  11. It is the Studio Tantrum Laguna skirt and leggings.

  12. WHERE did you get your pattern? Can you provide a link to buy it? Thanks

  13. Most of the online shops seem to be sold out. I did a quick search on Etsy and found two shops that each had 1 available.

    I bought mine from another mama on sewingmamas.