Sunday, February 19, 2012

Come on, summer!

We have had some gorgeous spring weather lately (on days when it isn't raining), and there's nothing that gets me in the mood to sew quite like the prospect of sewing cute summertime outfits for my girlies!  A new toy doesn't hurt either.  For my birthday, I got a new serger, and it is SO nice. 

I've decided that Jenna's summer uniform will be capri and bike-length leggings and tunic-length shirts and dresses.  They are cool and comfortable.    Here's the first set.

The leggings are from Otto 4/04 and the shirt is adapted from the basic t-shirt pattern from the same issue.  (I'm sure I could have found a pattern like this one in my pattern stash, but I already had the right size traced for the t-shirt, so I used it.)

Isn't the fabric pretty?

I made her several other pairs of leggings as well. 

Allie asked for a pair out of the denim-looking knit, so I made a pair for her too.  It has been quite a productive weekend for me!

How about you?  Are you thinking about spring and summer yet?


  1. Hi, Holly. I bought these on a sewing message board that I'm a member of. I buy some knits at Sewzanne's fabrics and some at the Chez Ami website.

    1. Thank you for replying. :-) I have Chez Ami knit too. I'm still a bit afraid of it...but your work is inspiring. I'll check out Sewzanne's as well. I've googled the denim look knit and haven't found it. Thanks!

  2. Oh, the denim-looking knit came from the Joann's red tag clearance section. You should try there.

  3. Thanks! IF only I had a Joann's...