Sunday, February 5, 2012

Allie's Valentine's Shirt

I asked Allie if she wanted a shirt out of the conversation hearts fabric, and at first she said no, but after talking about it a little bit more, she said she doesn't want all of the different fabrics mixed up. . .like Jenna's.  No surprise there, so I pulled out my pile of Ottobre magazines and picked out a few examples of shirts that I thought she might like and that would avoid the previously-mentioned jammie-effect.

She picked out #31 from Otto 4/07 and picked out a deep pink interlock for the binding and belt. 

The belt is two layers of interlock joined with a rolled hem, which is the one stitch that my serger does not do well.  At any rate, I think it turned out really cute, and she loves the lettuce edge. 

Next up, a hooded, short-sleeve tunic for Allie out of red french terry.  We got one in a box from another sewing mama, and it is a really pretty burnt orange, but Allie has declared it "drab."  Good grief!  She does like the style though, so I'm going to make her one in a color she likes better.

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