Monday, April 11, 2011


I love love love, with a twinkly heart surrounded by firecrackers, seersucker.  Seriously.  It may be one of the best fabrics ever made for hot, humid weather.  Unfortunately, good seersucker is hard to find.  There is the fake stuff at Joann's that I'm guessing is about 80% poly since it melts if your iron is too hot. . .don't get me wrong, I've been sucked in by some of the super-cute prints and bought some, but it isn't real seersucker. I've also come across some really thin (read really see-through) stuff, but that isn't what I've been looking for either.

Guess what is in my washing machine as we speak.  Yep, some real seersucker, and if it could be any better, it is black and white gingham seersucker!  I found it at the bottom of a stack of bolts in the very first shop I went in at the garment district.  This particular store had an incredibly pushy salesman who tried to talk me into several different things, including some rainbow striped satin, but all I left with was the gingham seersucker. 

Now, I just need to decide what to make with it.  I may make some Little Smarty Pants or maybe a skirt like this one (without the fish embroideries).  What is your favorite thing to make with seersucker?


  1. I've never sewn with seersucker. I need to try it. I have a one-yard piece of Japanese seersucker with a cute bunny print. Perfect for a little girl's skirt...

  2. I've made a few things with seersucker. It is great for skirts since it gives it a lot of body and poofiness.

    Here's a few things I did with seersucker:

    The first dress I have a tutorial and size 5 pattern on my blog for it, if you are interested.

  3. Loooo*drool*ooove seersucker! I have some royal purple seersucker, the good stuff, that I plan to make a little romper/sunsuit out of for my wee bit! Good stuff! :D
    Can't wait to see what you whip up!

  4. Stacy, that dress is so cute!