Friday, March 18, 2011

More Shirt Dresses for your Viewing Pleasure

Christephi (not her real name, according to her blog :) ) finished both a shirt and a dress as part of the sew-along.  They turned out so cute, and I'm really digging the dress without the frill. . .it gives it a very classic feel.  I hope you will go take a look for yourself:

I finally made it to Joann's today and bought my snaps, so I can finish up the dress I made during the sew-along.  I also bought some D-rings and some webbing, so I can make a belt to go with my dress.   

The other thing I have planned for this weekend is some freezer paper stencilling.  The March challenge at sewingmamas is to do a technique you've never done, and I've decided freezer paper stencilling is what I want to do.  I've just got to decide what picture I want to use.  Do you have any suggestions?  If it helps, I'm stencilling on hot pink t-shirts, and I bought silver metallic fabric paint.  Leave me a comment if you have any ideas!


  1. A word? Something more unique than the typical "angel" "joy" "princess" etc... I'm kind of a word person, so I like using words in my projects.

  2. Oh, good idea! I'm a word person too, so I really like that idea. I'm working on a ballerina at the moment, but I may do a word on the 2nd one.