Sunday, January 23, 2011


In the past few months, Allie has become very opinionated about what she wears.  It isn't so much about brand names or about preferring to wear RTW; it is more about style.  She will automatically reject anything she thinks is little-girl style, so I've been trying to accomodate her taste while keeping in mind mine:  namely that children are children and should dress like they are.

Anywho, I had this great multi-colored hearts knit fabric that I bought at Joann's, and it got a thumbs up from Allie, so I took a cue from Christine at .  She made her daughter a tunic out of the same fabric, and I loved it. . .so I copied it.  I hope she doesn't mind!

The shirts are the Carmen tunic from here: .  The pattern is rated intermediate, and I would agree, but only because of the square neckline.  It definitely takes some finesse to get it in there right.  The leggings are Riviera leggings from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love ( ).  If you've never made a pair of leggings, let me encourage you to do it soon--they are the instant gratification project of the sewing world.  They sew up very quickly and are popular with the kid-crowd right now.

There are a few sewing blogs that I read frequently, and many of them are authored by women who are not only great seamstresses, but also very talented photographers.  I love their blogs just as much for the pictures as for the tips and tricks.  Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.  They also seem to have ultra-cooperative children who stand still for pictures.   Unfortunately, my children aren't and typically don't. 

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