Sunday, July 8, 2012

Practicality Won this time.

I bought the Emmaline Maxi Dress pattern awhile ago when it was on sale, and it has been sitting on my computer ever since.  I came across it in my documents yesterday and decided to give it a go. 

I finished Jenna's today, but practicality won, and I left off the longer bottom ruffle that would have made it floor length.  I can't imagine her getting much (really any) wear out of a floor-length dress.  For real!  It is still maxi length and gorgeous!

I made the pattern as written. . .almost.  Well, who am I kidding?!  I completely changed the construction method.  The pattern has you put together the front bodice and skirt separate from the back bodice and skirt and then put them together at the side seams.  I don't like the finish under the arms this way, so I sandwiched the front bodice between the two layers of the back bodice before sewing it right sides together.  When I turned it, I ended up without any exposed side seams on the bodice at all. 

At any rate, I love the pattern and will make it again.  I have Allie's already cut out of a black and white chevron print.  I think it is going to be beautiful!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful dress!!! Your daughter looks so pretty.

  2. This comment is not about the dress, although it is very cute. I was looking at your desk bag you made and loved it. I bought all the supplies and when I was putting it together I realized that the WOF I was using is 45" which is too short. Can you them me the WOF you used to make the desk bag? Thanks a bunch, Jana

  3. Hi, Janna. I'm assuming by WOF, you mean width of fabric? (Sorry, it took me a minute to figure that out!) I used 54" wide fabric to make mine, but really, you could use 45" fabric and make a slightly less shallow bag. Start by folding over enough to make the pocket that goes over the bag of the desk/chair. Then fold the rest accordian style until you have the number of pockets you want. If you make your divided pockets smaller, it should work. Does that make sense at all?